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Unicorn Whipped Soap (All skin types)

Unicorn Whipped Soap (All skin types)

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Best in Class whipped soap available for Exfoliation, Deep Hydration, Skin Texture Improvement, Mild Cleansing and Refreshing Experience, Luxury, Handmade, Natural, Eco-friendly packaging.

  • Benefits

    EXFOLIATING: Oatmeal provides mild exfoliation and helps maintaining even and lustrous skin tone. Soap gently removes dead cells without harming the natural cellular structure.

    MOISTURISING: Blend of humectant oils and butters in perfectly balanced amount enables protective covering over cleaned skin to prevent loss of moisture and to keep skin healthy and glowing.

    ENCHANTING AROMA: Delightful aroma of the every soap is irresistible and enlightens the mood of the user every time lid of the container is removed.

    UNISEXUAL and MILD: Aesthetically designed soap has beneficial ingredients, suitable for both men and women. Soap has rich amount of moisturizing oils makes it safe to be used on face also and even for kids.

    CAREFULLY MADE: All care has been taken to make this soap a luxury product. It is hence free from all surfactant chemicals usually used in making whipped soap. Naturally it has all benefits of Cold Process Soap. No Paraben, SLS or harmful chemical is used. We have also made sure to make it guilt free as it has no animal fat.

    SUPER HYDRATION: Extra-virgin olive oil and Coconut oil as elixir to the skin with super-hydrating properties make the butter an outstanding moisturiser. Cocoa butter as super fuel for the skin gives a radiant and smooth texture once used regularly.

    ALL CARE, WHEN MADE: We have made sure this to be a 100% natural product and suitable for wide range of skin types. Piccu’s assures high quality ingredients while making this amazing butter. No Paraben, SLS or harmful chemical is used. We have also made sure to make it guilt free as it has no animal fat.

  • Ingredients

    Coconut oil, Natural Coconut Oil Derivatives, Natural Oil Derivatives, Natural Extracts, Aqua and Blend of Essential Oils.

  • Recommended For

    Anyone above 1 year of age

    All skin types

  • Fragrance Note

    Mixed Unicorn

  • Package Includes

    Jar of unicorn whipped soap

  • How to Use

    Take out required amount from the container and apply directly over the wet skin. Rub and raise lather, Leave for some time. Rinse. Whipped soap can be also be used as shaving cream and face wash anytime anywhere.

  • Manufacturing and Date of use by

    On the product label

  • Usage Advisory

    Few people can be allergic to natural ingredients. Extended use is requested to discontinue in case of any discomfort or irritation. 

  • Manufactured and Packed by

    Piccu’s, 308, B Block, Loknath Enclave, Shree Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 751024, Phone: 9911791130, Email:

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