About Us

Offering products that are designed to meet the end results

In the era of e-commerce and market flooded it is really hard for anyone to find a suitable product that has more of a personal touch and with all goodness and this is where Piccu's steps in. We offer ultra premium, luxury level personal care products and with a price tag which is suitable for almost every pocket.

Our prime focus is to deliver what is promised and live to the expectations of precious customers.

Piccu's is more than just  a brand but an Idea. An idea to offer the products which meet the end result they are designed for and for the maximum satisfaction. Products are designed in a way to show the result mostly from first use. We build the confidence of our users in not only offering best skin specific products but also share a hand to help the people looking for part time work.

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Our Story

This brand is a brainchild of Mrs. Priyanka Gulati (lovingly called Piccu), a Post-graduate in Management and a graduate in Biotechnology. Priyanka was always a believer of nature and its miracles and when it came to venture in business, she knew it has to be something hand-made out of pure nature. Right after her marriage she delved into the Phyto-chemistry of the rare herbs and brought out the best in the form of skin and hair care products. Though initially, it was just an idea to provide some carefully curated, hand-crafted products for friends and family but once gifted, they just went viral.  And ever since then there is no looking back and Priyanka is all set to carve a niche for brand.


Inception of the brand name dates back to graduation days of the founder when she dreamt of having a well-established brand. USP of the Piccu's is 'the result of the end product meets the idea behind its production'. Piccu’s was started with two products at very first with a strong belief of creating a niche where quality leads and takes all for long. Piccu’s gradually introduced and increased the number of products to focus on R&D on the faith of saying “Slow and steady wins the race”. Piccu's works on a business model based on 4 points: Quality management, Consumer satisfaction, Waste control, Preference to sustainability and more importantly Reasonable pricing.

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